Age Limit

Our age limit for Men is 18 and over. The parents or guardian of students ages 18-21 are asked to read and sign the enrollment agreement that the student will bring with them on the first day. You are very welcome to visit prior to your registration. We highly suggest visits under age 21.

Our age limit for Ladies is 21 and over. (no exceptions)

Parents: We can not be responsible for student’s activities or actions after school or on days off.

Students are not required to have a high school diploma or GED at this school.

What makes our school unique?

  • One reason our school is unique from all other schools is because our work week begins on  Wednesday and ends Sunday, allowing five working days. Our daily hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. This system allows you to attend any days during the week and on weekends according to your schedule. We are open year 'round, every week (excluding a few holidays).

  • You can attend an entire 2, 6 or 12 week course full time or you can break it up and come  in any combination of days you are available. You can take a 6 week course, go home for a week or two and come back and take 6 more weeks. This allows you flexibility with your time and travel. We accommodate YOUR schedule to allow you the results you desire.

  • We maintain small classes with only 10-12 shoeing students present and 2 trim students on any given day to provide you with individual attention.

  • Since our establishment in 1989, we have always offered our courses on a full-time and part-time basis including week-end training when other schools do not.

  • If you cannot read or write English you can learn to be a farrier. If you speak little or no English you can learn how to shoe a horse, we may be able to provide an interpreter if needed. Tests can be given orally one on one. We have a large collection of our teachings on DVD. Students always help each other. You do not have to have a high school education. If you are a hands on person we can help you.

Please call us for the next available opening.


is described as attending five days a week,

2, 6 or 12 weeks

straight through.

2 weeks = 10 days,

6 weeks = 30 days 

12 weeks = 60 days.  


is described as attending any time during the five days but spreading out the number of days over a longer period of time with a goal of attending a 10 days, 30 day

or 60 day course.

Weekends only 

is described as attending only on the weekends, Saturday & Sunday, with a goal of attending a 10 day, 30 day or

60 day course.

(Please understand that you can not learn to shoe horses during one weekend.)

We find this works well for the person who is in a career change or cannot stay away from home for an extended period of time but would still like the opportunity to attend a horseshoeing school. And part-time students can stretch out their tuition payments and pay by the day if needed. Whether you pay in full or pay as you go, the total tuition will be the same.

We are the ONLY school offering this plan.

  • No matter how you choose to attend, you will receive the same amount of valuable education.

  • Every day is a hands-on working day with new horses, new forge work needed and new hoof problems to solve.

  • Horses are brought directly to the school so you are not wasting your time traveling off to other farms.

  • On occasion, we may go on a field trip that everyone enjoys.

  • You will receive the same amount of training, whether you attend full-time, part-time or just on week-ends.

  • The number of students is limited as to provide plenty of personal instruction.

  • You will have the fortunate opportunity to work with farriers at the Farriers' National Research Center as well. So we suggest, you plan on working hard and being the best farrier you can be.

Please call our office for the next class openings.


For your safety...we recommend good sturdy boots or steel toed shoes or boots and a tetanus shot. During winter months, bring warm clothing and extra boots.